TDG acquired software products from Position Fixed UG

Press Release: TDG acquired software products from Position Fixed UG

Istanbul, October 21, 2020

TDG, a global leader in digital transformation, acquired three different software products from Position Fixed UG for enterprises and end-users to accelerate their digital business competitiveness.

The next generation testing software products in scope represent a total addressable market of $40 billion and acquisition include:

The tTesting -TDG’s testing product family- transformational actions for acquired products are expected to close by 2021.

“Over the last three years, we have been prioritizing our investments around higher value capabilities that fit well with today’s ever leaner and more agile TDG. Among the emerging high-value segments of the IT industry, TDG is focused on true leadership position in the burgeoning IT market. And our “sell what you know” consulting services and our products – like Ecosh, tTesting and Izzy – aspirational positioning is supported by this acquisition”, said Batur Erdoğan, TDG CEO.

“Market needs to modernize technological infrastructure. This is ideal partnership for us to provide our business customers with industry-leading solutions which can enhance businesses, and the daily lives of customers” said Daniel Herken, CEO at Position Fixed UG.


About TDG

TDG is a global technology and innovation company headquartered in Istanbul, TR.

TDG is accelerating healthy technology development in society. TDG is the world leader in technology development and execution in the field while providing services and solutions in consulting, system integration and business processes management.

TDG, operating in Europe and US, offers services and solutions to companies from diverse sectors including manufacturing, finance, sports, healthcare, retail, distribution, media, telecom and logistics with its expertise and industry knowledge in the field of technology. In TDG, people, technology and business are working together to accelerate “Proactive Innovation“ and we are a “Trusted Partner“ for organizations to create their firm of the future, and we are the best place to work for employees.

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