Our women are changing the world

Our women are changing the world

Istanbul, 03 September 2020

At a time when opportunity has never been greater, women are retreating from the fields of science and technology at alarming rates.

The gender gap in science, technology, engineering and math has widened. Attracting, retaining and developing female talent across the world is not only essential to TDG’s company culture, it’s a business imperative.

From the beginning, when we hired our first women employee as General Manager, TDG’s commitment to celebrating the talent of women has been at the forefront of our business and a key driver of our success. Research has shown a clear positive link between increased gender diversity and financial results, across different industries and countries.

At TDG, we recognize that women play a critical role in our global economy and that they must be present in the industry that drives innovation in all sectors.

E.g. Women@Ecosh are doing extraordinary job. Ecosh’s product development and operation team consists women only. Thanks Sajia, Sorosh, Kubra, Duygu and Didem for their innovative sales force automation tool for diverse sectors.

About TDG

TDG was established to accelerate healthy technology development in society. TDG aims to be the world leader in technology development and execution in the field while providing services and solutions in consulting, system integration and business processes management.

TDG, operating in EU and US, offers services and solutions to companies from diverse sectors including manufacturing, finance, sports, health, retail, distribution, media, space, telecom and logistics with its expertise and industry knowledge in the field of technology. In Technology Development Group, people, technology and business are working together to accelerate “Proactive Innovation“​ and we are a “Trusted Partner“​ for organizations to create their firm of the future, and we are the best place to work for employees. Technology Development Group commits to provide high performance to its stakeholders (customers, employees, community, and shareholders) with high ethical and responsible company policies.

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