New World Age

Dear TDG’s Friends,

Our experience in our long working life’s practice built up an opinion in us.

We have seen that there is a lack of technologies (life technologies …) in our industries and there are very few studies / initiatives to fill this gap. Then we decided to build TDG, Technology Development Group.

Our understanding on Technology Development;

Work with all the knowledge and the skills that can be used in an effective and productive way in an industry process that includes research, development, production, marketing, sales and after sales services. An extra to this, working on innovation in production processes, innovation in new products and innovation in new organizational formats. Plus, using effective information sharing to create goals and to simplify the human life.

As You know, the most obvious element of the industrialization is to be able to produce technology. With an industrialization that produces its own technology, you can contribute to international economy, the engineering power of the world and the international technology. As a matter of fact; Technology has to focus expanding human capabilities and fulfill human needs, But also, has to facilitate human life by using knowledge and systematic applications on industrial processes.

We know that; The level of development of the countries is evaluated by the technological environment they have. We established TDG to raise the level of development of countries. What we want to do now? We want to be an enterprise, innovative, open-minded leader company by developing our corporate personality. We will bring special solutions to our customers with new attitudes in production, marketing, sales and after sales processes. We will maximize customer satisfaction by going to innovative and creative results. Our target is to transform customer satisfaction into friendship, real/permanent friendship.

We have a reliable and professional service understanding. It is our constant priority to offer services to our customers. When we achieve these, we will start new initiatives to share the welfare and pride of our company. We will always stand behind all the service items we provide. We want to create a perception of reliable solution partner in our industry.

We are entrepreneurs, as a Company. Our entrepreneurial understanding is creativity. New ideas must be put forth for creativity. If you do not put new ideas into practice, you will not get any results. You have to execute new ideas with the right team. We built this team, we targeted the results.

“Besides these; We see that the information economy is coming to end. We know that a concept called “Life Economics” – which will fill this place- is beginning to take shape. Life is in the center of everything now. The economy is being designed accordingly. Industry, technology, economy and life. We are planning to keep pace with these integral facts. We also include these ideas in a new system.”

We are not a company, that tends to bend and twist the truth and show us more beautiful than what it is. Our experience taught us, that the money to earn by deflecting the truth is not a cash. Moral coherence; in our business life, in our private life, in our company, we are determined to apply this principle until the end. If we think the society as being formed by companies, we are aware that corporate leaders are an important responsibility for the formation of social values.

We are also trying to predict and imagine the future. We know that intelligence is not about IQ or your money and business. Intelligence means seeing the future and designing the future. We want to expand the service by preparing long-term programs. We are making plans and programs with knowing that success will be achieved by considering 10 years or 20 years later. We know that success is intertwined with communication and touch.

We cherish education very much. We are excited about the innovations and virtual reality of our educational process that we will see nearby. We are closely monitoring how virtual reality changes education and we are trying to be compatible with these studies.

It is our greatest ideal and our goal is to do the best we can. We are competing with ourselves. We do not consider competing with others. We are sophisticated and positive.

With my best wishes

Emin Erdogan
TDG Founder & Chairman