Gender Equality for a Sustainable Tomorrow | International Women’s Day

The climate crisis is at our doorstep, and we face its devastating results every day; forest fires, a decrease in natural resources with an increase in environmental wastes, severe floods…

Poor or developing countries are exposed to the effects of climate change more than wealthy ones. These regions lose more of their economic assets as the result of climate change and natural disasters. Also, they have insufficient resources to cope with the consequences of the climate crisis.

Although climate change is closely related to individuals from every civilization, the devastating effects of the climate crisis vary according to geography, gender, and assets. Besides, sectors such as agriculture, animal husbandry, and fisheries are those most affected by the climate crisis.

Individually, women are more affected by the severe effects of climate change and natural disasters. According to United Nations data, women farmers carry through 45-80% of food production in developing countries.

Despite essential steps towards achieving gender equality, women continue to be disproportionately affected by climate-related disasters and are often denied equal access to sustainable energy, clean water, and other vital resources.

International Women’s Day as “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”. It is aimed to recognize women from all over the world who take responsibility for climate change, respond and contribute to a sustainable future.

Women are committed professionals and opinion leaders who offer viable solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change. In this sense, acknowledging the important contributions of women as decision-makers, stakeholders, educators, and professionals at all levels will pave the way for finding long-term and successful solutions to climate change.

It is not possible to reach a sustainable future and sustainable equality without gender equality.

As TDG, we support a sustainable world with our employees, partners, and customers since 2016. We are proud of female employees working with different roles and responsibilities globally. Women take place critical positions in our organizations from consultants to executives, senior engineers to vice presidents, and more.

Happy International Women’s Day.


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