Emin Erdogan’s Opening Speech in Annual BRM 2020

Istanbul, March 21, 2020

Emin Erdogan’s Opening Speech in Annual BRM 2020 (Business Review Meeting)

Dear TDGers, Good morning,

At first, I would like to thank you so much for being here on a Saturday morning. And I want to share my opinions with you. While we were launching this company, also we wanted some specialties that must be in us and our employees as a principle.

We and you who will work with us;

  • Should care for the life, the others and themselves as they are,
  • Should be peaceful with us, improve their communions with us,
  • Should give a hand and do a kindness to the others,
  • Should smile while talking
  • should do hiking and trekking,
  • should discuss but should not dispute,
  • should speak short and clean by determining data of their presentations,
  • We want them to keep up to date against rapidly changing technology, and to catch up this change on time, and to know this is our fundamentals.

We use “our speed of change” to shape and to diversify the FUTURE.

Wheresoever the technologies of change are, wherever the workers, who can do these, are; we are organizing to work with them regardless of their gender, nationality, religion, sexual choice and how and where they live.

In this regard the diversity, also employee diversity, are very important. We are taking advantage of the intellectual intelligence all over the world as much as possible. And we are going to keep taking it. Our diversity policy gets quite positive reaction from different nations. We received a lot of positive messages from Nigeria, China, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay, America, Turkey. These messages show that our company’s values and policies are correctly shaped. And this encourages us.

Our country is a wonderful that hosts several cultures and supports the diversity policy of TDG. In my childhood, we dwelt in a Jewish neighborhood in Gallipoli. I had many Jewish friends. We sang together so many songs in Turkish and Hebrew. For instance, there were twelve Avrams in our neighborhood. Meantime, Avram means Abraham. They all had a nickname, because there were so many mans by the name of ‘’AVRAM’’. Some of them are here from my mind: Black Avram, Fisherman Avram, Dump Avram, Watchmaker Avram, Avram Bashi Bazouk, Tuzcu Avram, etc. What we learned from these Avrams? So many things… They were good shopkeeper and we worked as an apprentice beside them. We learned to work hard, to save money, to market things we produce, to get information and to master the things we will do from them.

We know that the information and its diversity and variety prosper and liberalizes us, who will be shaping our future.


With reference to this idea, all of us at TDG expect all of YOU to have full knowledges of informatic and software that shape and vary the future.

Our company should work together, hand-to-hand, and work with the ideas to realize, with new perspectives and output logic. The only thing that matters is to do correctly the task on time and to get efficiency from it.

At the present time, we see that the relationships and communications diminish gradually. Not only the female-male, but all human relationships are changing through new technologies.

We can reach everything easily through inventions that ease the life. The human being can be selfish in their world that they created.

However, human needs happiness.

The Happiness is being felt through sociability, love and unrequited favor.

For example, the social media communication we use prompt us to have a lot of things that we don’t really need, and it converts us someone who are not us. And this push, and this transformation provide to THINK OF OURSELVES. So, we are seeking for the happiness elsewhere. We cannot live the moment.

We, we want to work, work together, make workers happy while they are working, add value themselves with their work; and all employees to take care of their environments, to help them and to support them.

We put into practice everything about our future by thinking, discussing and brainstorming.

In our society, for one who cannot work and do not think his future, we said ‘’ Let the bodger go’’. This warning is a true from past to present.

We are the believers that there may be a simple thought that can change the world because it can contribute us and world a lot. We know that thought of probability, which suggested with a SIMPLE idea, will take the seed and grow with it, and that all this can happen by collaborating with your environment.

We aim you to focus your attention to the needs of humanity by turning it from equipment and buildings.

As you know, we have big dreams and we want to be one of the biggest organizations in the world in 2058. We have faith to realize this. Because we are working hard at this. We are very strong to be resolute and have a big heart that are possessed with humanity. We want to influence and change the time we live in and human life. We want to add value to the life of many people by making our dreams come true.

We wish to strengthen our corporate and individual market presence in industry.

We wish to invest machine to machine communication, production process and industrial software.

We want to find software that eases the life as the individual organization. We will work for smart city and building, mobile applications, transportation software, banking and healthcare system applications.

We will support young people that have a good idea. We know that our dream will not happen only with engineers and tech staffs.

We know that the entrepreneurs and dreamers are necessary. We are open to all kinds of ideas.

We believe that very much. Our management think to move with KNOWLEDGE, not Dogmas, to manage risks. Because only in this way, we can increase our ability and flexibility to adapt to changing conditions and reach our goal.

BUT we protect our traditions, corporate order and the moral values that society accepts. And with this point of view, we aim to make our employees productive.

We also know that. We are constantly checking up our current business model, management style and basis to keep up with change. We know that only a consultative board can make this change. We include, young people, scientists, sociologists, anthropologists, data experts, and even robots in our boards. In other words, we also aware that people with different competencies who know the environment they live in very well must gather, create an environment where they will build a shared wisdom, and this shared mind must ensure the sustainable performance of our company in the new world order.

Be sure about that, we work to deliberate our mindset while planning for the future, and we work also for that, not only leaders, but also all our employees are ready for the future.

We trust this. If all our employees talk about various issues, give an opinion, search their relevance about some matter, when they are with their families and friends, this will provide that our employees comply with the changing forward. Because they must know the company goals. Otherwise, we won’t be able to bring them together.


We want to see happy people in our company. What is more, we are aware that our company is the keystone of reaching happy society.

We would like to meet and think with successful people like you, create something with synergy, aim to present something, make meetings and provide YOU to reach your goals.

We are always being up to different thing, which has not been done. We aim for continuous development and motion.

We are with you now. I mentioned what we want to do and should be. I hope you will pay sufficient attention what I am going to say now.

FIRSTLY, Think about that everything cannot be controlled. And remember that some things are just destiny. A little luck, a little fate. It is just destiny. Whenever you sit at the table for meal, return thanks to God to give you this beautiful life.

SECONDLY, love your family life so much. Remember that your family life is basis of your comfort.

Now, we are under the pressure of some negative events and news in our country and in our world. You constitute the sensitive, elite, knowledgeable and conscious high segment in our society. After this moment, I think that you will contribute to social happiness by walking on the path of intelligence, science and producing common mind.

I hope that you persevere for your future and take care of yourself.

My best wishes and thanks to ALL

Emin Erdoğan


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