Emin Erdogan’s Opening Speech in Annual BRM 2019

Istanbul, March 23, 2019

Emin Erdogan’s Opening Speech in Annual BRM 2019 (Business Review Meeting)

Dear All,

Today, the value of knowledge has got over every other known material value and has become a source of substantiality. Science and Technology has gathered steam by overstepping the limits of our thought and understanding.

In my speech of last year, I talked that the development and advancement of technology in the last 50 years is far more ahead compared to the previous years.

Also, today, We bring up artificial intelligence, extra smart computers, nano- and biotechnology repeatedly.

Even the themes such as the future of the human generation have become the main topic of conversation and begun to be discussed.

When I was young, people talked about energy and environmental pollution. Nowadays, artificial intelligence, biotechnology play a key role for shaping future.

The creators of the Cyber World (such as Facebook) have disturbed our privacy as cyber spies already now.

So, where will this unbelievable progress come in the coming years at, do we need to think about it?

We are currently experiencing developments in computer technology together. So far as I know, we have made progress from ENIAC to the palm sized mobile phones in a short span of time.

Today, we are aware of issues that are being raised consciousness to computers.

We read and talk about driverless cars, flying taxis that connect to only a computer network and that rescue a lot of lives with high security, saving of time and source, and about whether three-dimensional printers, installed with an  intelligent software robots can take the place of  both blue and white collar workers.

Should we be worried about whether these kinds of developments can happen, I don’t know. Because Facebook and similar social communication networks have already started reading your feelings and thoughts.

We read again that the brain is a complex system that works by interlocking 80 billion neural networks; that consciousness is resultant of reactions in the brain.

If these studies are successful, it is claimed that computers with intelligence, consciousness and emotions will become an apart of an activity, when highly intelligent software is installed to computers.

As we know, artificial intelligence systems with the essential algorithms and intelligent software are started to use. With this uncomplicated system, x-rays or magnetic resonance imaging tests have had. Genetic map of you, your predecessors can be counted in this system by including environmental factors and your current and past medical condition.

And we know that this kind of things are on the way to arrange with the artificial intelligence system. Intelligent software, nano- and biotechnology, artificial intelligences, biochemical changes of balance, change in the world of organic life and even in inorganic life will create a universe far beyond previous industrial revolutions.

I would like to call attention that the future that I am describing now and that the difference between that who CAN TAKE and CANNOT TAKE part in this world of coming years will be above of our limits of mind.

I would especially like to draw your attention to here. As I enter NEW YEARS, I think there can be many more from this.

In the advancing years of the 21st century, before the technology decides instead of us, we must make decision and exist in the new world technology.

We must specify well where we are and what do we want to do, and we must be on this highway that goes to the world of future with the roadmap.

I am telling you that think about this and passing on to another issue, and this time let’s think about time.

And now I want you to take an action.

Let’s think about where we are all together now. Let’s think about the present time. Let’s ask ourselves what is the time?

I have a habitude. We have the habit of measuring time as we measure the distance between Istanbul and Ankara. But that’s not the point. TIME neither act nor stops. Time changes. Each of us stands at one point in this endless change. The idea that time flies determines what time the bus will go, but except this there does not benefit. It won’t work even in the kitchen. Because different meal comes out of the same recipe at every turn.

Humanity is a limited by time. Every person is born, lives for a while and finally dies. That is why it is so important to use time well. As you know, time consists of three part. Past, Present and Future. They all have a different value.

What we have learned creates us. We learn something in the past. We suffer, love, cry and laugh in the past. But in the present time, these are useless.

The present moment has its own difficulty, it has own good and evils. It won’t be grateful to curse the past for what happened today.

We should not damn or be grateful the past for what happened today.

I have just mentioned a little bit about what might happen in the future.

Now I am saying.

New lives are not related to old experiences. LIFE IS ALWAYS NEW.

We are not the person, others want us to be. WE ARE THE PERSON WE DECIDED TO BE.

It is very easy to shift the blame. Or it is very easy to say to others ‘’behave like that or be who lived in the past.’’So, it is very easy to talk about the past or the old experiences. THIS IS ‘’STOPPING THE TIME’’.

Trying to stop time means roasting the snow in a furnace.

You have many problems that you need to find a solution right now. These problems watch for your making decisions for the future. Decisions lose effect, when they are not made or postponed. And they prevent you understanding the present time. While solving your problems, you should draw your strength from the production of new things.

We must be in the world that requires constant renewal. Then you will see that there is no need to be upset about anything lost.

We should want that our wishes come true.

Never miss the past.

It is easy to criticize. Creating a work is an art and commendable. Create a work for yourself. Take part in innovation events. Make projects that help your self-development.

Nostalgia is to stop the time; it just helps you to remember the past. Everybody must learn lessons from mistakes in the past. However, just thinking about the past and being busy only with past IS JUST A WASTE OF TIME.

None of us are responsible for the past. We are all responsible for the life we ​​live in. You must accept life with its ups and downs. And we must be at peace with it.

This feeling brings innovations with a new year.

The happiness of starting a new year is an indispensable phenomenon for people.

SHORTLY, imagine how lucky you are in the new year for being alive.

In every new year, double your dreams in order to be able to hold on to life.

Keep time for yourself to realize your dreams.

Find somethings to live in every new year.

Think that everything cannot be controlled and remember that some things are just destiny. A little luck, a little fate. It is just destiny. Whenever you sit at the table for meal, return thanks. Thank God to give you this beautiful life.

In the new year, Love your wife or husband and your children. Know that they are must in your life.

Don’t be a pessimist. Don’t judge everything.

In the new year, have your dreams and projects. If you have not, it will be a simple life.

Forget about the past. But take lessons from it.

Consider better things that will come up in the world in the new year. Find and apply.

Include your children in it. Because we live in a different age and the education system does not adapt our lifestyle and our children.

I think the children learned something after school, at home, in the neighbourhood, on the street, outside.

I believe that children are also educated in life.

In this regard, I would like to say that it is much more educational to go to museums, play a musical instrument or read a book of their choice that they like rather than sitting at home  or in the classroom in new year.

I would also like to point out that THE CHILD’S BEST FRIEND IS FAMILY.

Although we entered the new year 2019 with the pressure of some problem experiences in our country and in the world, I wish that you have a nice and good year.

I wish the new year to bring health, well-being and success.

With warmest regards

Emin Erdoğan


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