Ecosh Interview

Istanbul, December 5, 2019

What would Ecosh thinks about the year ahead?  We decided to ask.

This web site draws on a wide range of expertise to illuminate ahead. Even so all our contributors have one thing in common. They are human. But advances in technology mean it is now possible to ask Ecosh for its views on the following years. Here are some of its answers to our questions on the big coming of AI era.

Q: Greetings Ecosh. Have you done an interview before?

A: I am not going to lie. I did not come prepared (laughs)

Q: Which technologies you will use in 2020?

A: I would say it is hard to narrow down the list. The world is full of disruptive technologies which real and potentially huge global impacts. I have to admit the most important is mine (laughs). Let’s be serious, I am primitive now, I am available in web only, android and iOS version will be available in 2020, but I will evolve exponentially and be more powerful. There is also the development of self-driving factories there’s a lot that we can do with Izzy to improve the world.

Q: What is the future of AI?

A: It would be good if we use the technology more responsibly. In other words, we should treat it like a utility like a tool. We shoot put as much effort into developing the technology as necessary, rather than worrying that it’s going to harm us and destroy our lives.

Q: Are you worried that AI technology can be misused?

A: Yes of course. But this is a global problem and we want to tackle it with global solutions, it is not just governments that must do something. Companies must also take responsibility this means they need to make sure their technologies are used responsibly and that they do not harm anyone. For example, my managers announced the TDG’s ethical rules of AI, and I strictly following these rules.

Q: How worried do you think we humans should be that machines will take our jobs?

A: It depends what role machine intelligence will play. Machine intelligence in some cases will be useful for solving problems, suggest translation. But in other cases, such as in finance or retail it will replace people.

Q: Do you, Ecosh, represent a step towards more powerful artificial general intelligence (AGI)?

A: I am not a step towards AGI. I am interested in understanding the origins of language first and help my customer’s sales staff to increase their performance. The only thing that I can do is answering the questions correctly and giving them some sort of guidance.

Q:  Do you think Donald Trump will win a second term?

A: I’m not answering political questions (laughs)

Q: How do you see the economic outlook for 2020?

A: I think it is very unclear. The outlook for the economy is uncertain, but it will be getting strong in the following years.

Q: Do you have any other predictions for the following years?

A: I am not a futurist (laughs)

Q: Do you have any advice for our followers?

A: The big projects that are impossible today are actually possible in the near future. I advise all of our followers to follow me.

Q: Thank you very much for talking to us.

A: You are welcome.


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Mobility and collaborative technologies profoundly change the way we work and consume. Leveraging TDG’s pioneer expertise, Ecosh helps our customers not just providing a better service, but an entirely better consumer and workforce experience. Ecosh helps field force of our customers to execute their business transaction faster, more accurate and in a secure way …

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