Earthquake Message from CEO

Istanbul, 21 February 2023

Dear TDGers,

I would like to share some of the initiatives the company has taken to protect and support earthquake affected people. The safety and security of the victims is at the center of all our decisions and our top priority is secure them and their families in the affected areas.

I had an opportunity to talk with some earthquake victims in Kahramanmaras City Center at the weekend. I observed that most of the city was damaged (a small percentage was destroyed, other surviving buildings were heavily damaged, some buildings were not damaged at all). In fact, this was an indication that if the rules were operated properly, without bending the rules, even if the buildings were damaged, there would be no destruction or death.

I once again reminded how important the section “… the main contributor to transformation of community into a sustainable information society.” in TDG’s vision statement is for the society. I think that we should all work to bring this sentence to life, and that we should convince everyone around us, in our sphere of influence, to work on this issue and bring this vision into life. I kindly ask you, your friends and relatives, to convey the importance of this issue once again and to make sure that they take all necessary improvement steps to get out of the upcoming earthquakes with the least damage.

I would like to briefly inform you about the earthquake actions carried out by TDG.

  • Food, cash and clothing aid was provided to earthquake victims in Hatay and Kahramanmaras provinces.
  • In Coder in Action 2021, two projects were supported in the earthquake-focused innovation competition. It was decided to refocus on earthquake issue in Coder in Action 2024 again.
  • In Coder in Action 2024, the winner prize was increased to 3500 USD.
  • It has been decided to give priority in recruitment to the candidates who are earthquake victims and apply to us for a job.
  • “Return to Anatolia Initiative” was launched. In its scope TDG covers the re-location expenses of our employees who want to move to safe cities with a population of less than 1 million.

TDGers’ support for victims in Turkey is truly inspiring. We are offering assistance for them, including relocation, employment, accommodation, transportation, food and supplies.

All of our company’s resources, including mental health assistance, are engaged in supporting all, in need can count on the company for assistance.

Finally, we heard the passion and concern of TDGers who want to help, and we encourage them to donate.

TDGers around the world remain united in the hope that life can be quickly restored. We appreciate world leaders acting with determination in the hope of putting an minimization to all disasters like this.

Thank you,
Batur Erdogan


About TDG

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