Coder in Action 2021 Winners are Announced

CiA (Coder in Action) Board announced the “Winners of CiA2021” for society to accelerate recovery for “Earthquake”.

Istanbul, 30 August 2021

TDG, a global leader in digital transformation, released “Coder in Action 2021 Digital Competition Program” for society to accelerate solution development of Earthquake.

After the evaluation of projects, more than 500 applications were evaluated, CiA Board selected TOP Projects as WINNERS.

Winners are; 

1st Place Winner – Post Earthquake Audio Transmission System ZELZELE1.0 (Idris Ibrahim Erten, Atakan Karaoglan)

2nd Place Winner – Giant Airbag Covering The Living Spaces In The Building During Earthquake (Busra Kucukturkmen, Onur Pasa, Ahsen Demirhan, Zekiye Turan, Berkay Onur Yildiz)

Gifts are;

1st Place Winner Prize – 3.000 USD

2nd Place Winner Prize – 1.500 USD

Global CEO, Batur Erdogan said: “Technology has been at the center of scientific advances for decades. Coder in Action Program is elevating the simulation results for human centred problems when we needed. I congratulate all Winners, Winners of CiA2021, they showed great enthusiasm and their solution will help society for sure. As TDG,  we will continue to support entrepreneurs, innovators and solution creator to serve society and help them to reach their goals.”

Last year was one of the worst years on record for natural disasters— governments, straining relief organizations and overwhelming communities as they attempt to rebuild. In the wake of these global catastrophes, a new type of responder emerges: The coder.

Your work with TDG and entrepreneurial mindset has given you a deep understanding and holistic perspective on developing technological solutions that solve human problems. An avid participant, You use these events to experiment with new technologies and discover opportunities to contribute to the social good.

To learn more about “CiA2021″ and beyond please click→

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