Chairman’s New Year Message

Dear TDG’s Friends,

We have seen that there is a lack of “LIFE” technologies in our industry and there were very few studies / initiatives to fill this gap. Then we decided to build TDG, 5 years ago.

After challenging 5 years, every year brought different environment and different success. Now, we reached 2021 with a lot of stories and projects to give us happiness and pride. Each project supported our values,  “Excellence”, “Innovation” and “Work Ethics” in the society.

Some of the examples in 2020 were,

  • Coder in Action Digital Competition
  • Acquisition of three different products
  • Ocean Cleaner Robot
  • Donations to several NGOs
  • University students support
  • Scholarships
  • Empowerments of young entrepreneurs
  • New product launch in robotics
  • Pandemic support for society

So, I would like to thank you all to support us in 2020. Please continue to share your ideas and comments to make us to serve the community better.

I wish you all healthy and hopeful new year with full of success.

With my best wishes

Emin Erdogan
TDG Founder & Chairman


About TDG

TDG is a global technology and innovation company headquartered in Istanbul, TR.

TDG is accelerating healthy technology development in society. TDG is the world leader in technology development and execution in the field while providing services and solutions in consulting, system integration and business processes management.

TDG, operating in Europe and US, offers services and solutions to companies from diverse sectors including manufacturing, finance, sports, healthcare, retail, distribution, media, telecom and logistics with its expertise and industry knowledge in the field of technology. In TDG, people, technology and business are working together to accelerate “Proactive Innovation“ and we are a “Trusted Partner“ for organizations to create their firm of the future, and we are the best place to work for employees.

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