2017 Business Review Meeting

TDG, a global leader in digital transformation, held a Business Review Meeting in Istanbul, March 31, 2018.

In BRM2017, FY2017 outcomes were communicated and roadmap through FY2028 was discussed and updated. The Team decided to focus on mobility, testing, consultancy, and robotics.

During the meeting, Emin Erdogan, Chairman, made an opening speech. He talked about six facts for success in life. He discussed speed of technological changes and what to do to contribute these changes in positive means. And he urges the team with the quotation of “Life is not measured by the breathes you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”

Didem Sarac -General Manager of TDG Turkiye, Bulent Hasanefendioglu – Head of Consultancy, Emin Direkci – Head of MRT, Batur Erdogan – Head of TDG Global and Batu Erbilgin – Co-Founder of Kyros Mobile made inspiring speeches as well.

At the end of the day, team decided that the target for 2058. And T2058 program was launched.

About Technology Development Group

Technology Development Group was established to accelerate healthy technology development in society. TDG aims to be the world leader in technology development and execution in the field while providing services and solutions in consulting, system integration and business processes management.

TDG, operating in EU, US and Turkey, offers services and solutions to companies from diverse sectors including manufacturing, finance, sports, health, retail, distribution, media, space, telecom and logistics with its expertise and industry knowledge in the field of technology. In Technology Development Group, people, technology and business are working together to accelerate “proactive innovation“​ and we are a “trusted partner“​ for organizations to create their firm of the future, and we are the best place to work for employees. Technology Development Group commits to provide high performance to its stakeholders (customers, employees, community and shareholders) with high ethical and responsible company policies.

Further information is available on the Internet at www.tdg-global.net