I intend to talk about “Metaverse” that we will hear a lot about it soon. 

Most of you have watched Avatar and Matrix movies. We were very impressed by their montage, scenario, video quality, dynamism, besides; what they thought about the future of humanity. 

Also, let me give you the great news that Matrix 4 will be released on December 22. 

The base acts in these movies; is to move from real life to another virtual life, live the several realities there and come back. 

Today our “Universe” becomes the “Metaverse” when we move to the other reality. When you move into virtual reality, you live life with akin reality. 

Those who have the most familiar with this subject are children that play computer games, young people, and some curious adults.

Virtual glasses, which have been developing rapidly for several years, have a notable place in the transition to this technology. A concert has been held in such a medium with 12 million people participating. 

After the software is written and its infrastructure is made; you will be able to engage in space, any country, underseas, museum, school, surgery in person. You will be able to participate in applied training, develop any skills, meet with characters you want, and in many events that you cannot even imagine.

While doing this, you will first CREATE YOUR OWN AVATAR.

Avatar has different meanings and definitions both in mythology and today. Its meanings in the dictionary are transformation, change, and adventure. In Indian mythology, they are the shapes that Gods take on when they come onto the earth. Today it means the window that people have a small size image of themselves on social media.

So, that is DIGITAL YOU (also personal image or graphical display.) You can even make changes in yourself. 

A fascinating change has come and continues to develop and spread. That will make you experience life differently, that will take you from the universe we live in (Universe) to the other universes (Metaverse). There are many huge investments and running in this subject, especially at Facebook.

You will not sleep, will not have enough time after these applications spread.

I want to summarize it for now, and I am leaving keywords (Metaverse, personal avatar, virtual glasses) to you. 

There is a movie that sums things up well you should watch: “Ready Player One”

I share with you three links that have better explanations than what I wrote.

Baris Ozcan’s Explanation ,   Bundle News ,   Movie Trailer

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