Top Emerging Technologies of 2020

World-Changing Technologies Thinking to Evaluate the Status Quo

One day, a new technology highlighted in this article will make you virtually teleport to a remote site and actually feel the handshake and hugs of other cyber travelers. It’s also close to being ordinary: humanoid (and animaloid) robots designed to socialize with people; a system that detects the source of a food poisoning outbreak in seconds; strong, biodegradable plastics that can be obtained from plant waste that would otherwise not work; DNA-based data storage systems that reliably store huge amounts of information; and more. Together with TIC (TDG Innovation Center) Board, it has carried out an intensive process to identify this year’s “Top Emerging Technologies”. After identifying candidates from additional experts around the world, TIC Board evaluated dozens of offers based on a number of criteria: Does the proposed technologies have the potential to benefit society and economies enormously? Can they change the built-in ways of doing things? Are they still in the early stages of development but do they get a lot of attention from research labs, companies, or investors? Will they take important steps in the next few years?

So, here is the list;

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