Industry 4.0, as we call…

There is a discourse that we have started to hear for several years, “Industry 4.0 / E4.0”; Do not miss the train, this is the last chance, we should definitely put it into operation as the country and institutions, otherwise it will be like this. It is stated that due to the progress of developed countries in E4.0 applications, we will close the gap between the final product cost and lose our competitiveness. In fact, these suggestions, warnings and approaches are not unfair, but the fact that our country is average industry 2.7 shows that this transition can be partially implemented. Therefore; the number of institutions that will deal with the transformation will be limited.

While these warnings and suggestions are correct, we should not forget that some European countries are trying hard to market E4.0 products and to create new customers economically. When this issue comes to the agenda in our country; The number of companies promoting E4.0 did not exceed 5, and the number of institutions did not exceed 10. After a short time; Many software and automation companies that are already in the industry have added numerous services to their names and promotions by adding E4.0 and IoT / Internet of Things (the Internet of Things). Those who will receive services listen to someone from 5-10 companies at first and when interviewing them, this number has exceeded hundreds and confused …

What needs to be done from the average (2.7); The institutions just above and below the average make an effort to pull themselves up, bringing themselves closer to 4.0 levels in their companies with a level of 3.5. If you say how to calculate the level, you should ask and find those who know :).

What they call E4.0 is actually a part of the steps to be taken in “Digital Transformation”. So; It will enable you to control your E4.0 and IoT machines to exchange data, send warnings and commands by observing the whole process. For this, software and many sensors will be required.

I suggest you; Instead of getting out of the process, you should first contact an institution that you serve in this regard and trust and have a due diligence in your own institution. This process should be followed by the knowledge and approval of the company’s senior management, especially those responsible for IT and production (participation of other units varies from company to company). Steps after making due diligence; needed and to be done are determined, prioritized, costed, budgeted, time plan is made, put into use gradually and in a controlled manner. This process we define will change according to the functional, turnover of each firm and the resource it will devote to this transformation. Less than less, more than…

The first cost that will arise for what needs to be done will always be high for every company and after many see the costs; Let us postpone it or not, we will say, “We are actually doing the same with X company, we will change and walk a little bit.” All of these approaches may be true in the firm’s own reality. But in the short term (a few years later) most will say, “I wish we had done it.” My suggestion is that; Finding the right solution partner and initiating digital transformation is vital for your future.

Digital transformations, and especially automation, will surely expose the workforce to blue collar employees. Many employers; he will want to do the work to be done with fewer staff and costs, but he will not want to say goodbye to his employees. In the meantime, some blue collar people may not want to contribute to the process while the work is going on. In our country, especially the automotive main and subsidiary industries did not decrease in the number of personnel with the introduction of robot and automation, they got new jobs due to their decreasing costs as a result of the improvements they made and even strengthened their staff with new white and blue collars. Layoffs are a fact of business life, often due to the permanent reduction of demands and employer / employee dispute.

My suggestion: You should train your blue collars, which will be revealed in parallel with the commissioning preparations process, to equip them with the powers you will need in the new period. Prepare for the transition from the blue collar to the GRAY collar.

Greetings and love,

Emin Direkçi

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