Penetration Testing


Test your applications, networks, hardware and personnel to uncover and fix vulnerabilities exposing your most important assets

Continuous Delivery, Continuous Security

Penetration test, known as the Pentest, refers to authorized and manual simulated attack onto your IT infrastructure that extracts security weaknesses. In the field of IT, we can separate security in to two segments. One of them is Defensive Security and the other is Offensive Security, which is called proactive security.

Pentest work is a result of offensive security. Pentest is the process of approaching target systems with an aggressive point of view and experimenting, seizing all technically possible methods.

Pentest and Vulnerability Assessment are similar but different concepts. Screening is the process of finding and reporting security vulnerabilities in target systems using various security software. In Pentest work, the aim is to evaluate the available capabilities beyond the discretion to obtain authorized access to the systems and to identify additional operations that can be performed on the target systems (e.g., infiltration into the system, access to information).

Today’s attacks require strategic security operations. New digital landscapes are transforming business. But with these new landscapes, come new threats. What if you could not only protect yourself, but make trust a major asset for your business? As the Trusted Partner for Digital Transformation, TDG is ready to help…

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60% of enterprises will be victims of major breaches by 2020. What if you could leverage trust for business advantage?

Security decisions you make today can determine your organization’s security and resilience for years to come. Our comprehensive security services and our consultants enable you to feel more confident about the actions you take to protect your office, employees, operations, facilities, and assets…

Fix vulnerabilities before criminals find them

fiFist delivers a security testing program that combines tool-based and manual testing to uncover and help fix known and unknown vulnerabilities exposing your most sensitive assets. Under the managed program, our team helps you prioritize which networks, applications, devices and other assets need testing, so you don’t waste time, budget or resources testing minimal-risk items.

The fiFist is a communication and collaboration platform that helps you centralize and manage your security testing program. It enables security leaders, vulnerability management teams and whomever else is involved in the remediation process to view test findings immediately after vulnerabilities are uncovered. The fiFist also allows clients to schedule security tests whenever they prefer and directly communicate with testers throughout the engagement.

The fiFist holds historical data allowing clients to see progress in risk reduction over time. Is one network, device or application consistently showing bad results, test after test? Or, are things improving? With historical data you can gain these insights and more.

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