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Essentials of Software Asset and License Management

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Essentials of Software Asset and License Management

October 21, 2020    3:00pm (CET – Central European Time)
Live Webinar   ¦   1 hour

Discussion Topics:

Webinar will give information about SAM (Software Asset Management) life cycle with all aspects of process, roles and responsibilities, software contracts and software audit process.

  • SAM life cycle, SAM process,
  • SAM roles and responsibilities,
  • Software contracts, 
  • SAM relationship with other processes and functions,
  • Software audit process,
  • Some useful tips for SAM life cycle and audits

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Hosted by Cem Danyal Arslan – Head of UK & Ireland

An experienced procurement consultant and manager on IT over 30 years background in finance and insurance industries in leading complex projects.

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