The Secrets of Digital Transformation (Free e-book)


    Digital Transformation processes are vital projects to be accomplished
    with a high success level for the entities. Each company can be accepted
    in Digital Age as a technology company. For this reason, the Digital
    Transformation project is a pre-condition for any company which has the
    vision to catch the digital age standards for developing their activities in a
    sustainable and financially successful environment.

    Unfortunately depending on the result of different researches the success
    level of the digital transformation projects is between 20 % to 40 %
    worldwide. Entities are losing billions of USD each year from their limited
    sources because of their unsuccessful digital transformation projects. In
    this study, we want to address to the top management of the companies
    some essential advice to catch the high success level in digital
    transformation projects with allocating efficient level of their limited
    sources. The starting point is to have a holistic angle and also more
    objective insight surfaces before their delusions on the mentioned

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