Meaning@Work Workshop

SUBJECT :  Based on Existential Philosophy, specially “Viktor Frankl’s Logo-philosophy”, an alternative on;

  • How business and organisations should evolve to run an economy for everyone’s benefit
  • How to help people in business to become more engaged, more innovative and better leaders shall be introduced in a workshop setting

TARGET :  As Great Socrates stated: “thy yourself” and “the unexamined life is not worth living” this workshop is convenient who is questioning his/her life and specifically the meaning of his/her work.

AUDIENCE :  Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Managers, HR-Representatives…limited with totally 20 participators. We will present Participation Certificate to the Participators at the end of the seminar.


  • 13-14 October 2023 (10.00-16.00) – Online

FEE :  Two days participation fee is $ 250 + VAT

CONTENT : Most organisations want their employees to engage. Most individuals want to contribute and find meaning at work. Yet research suggests that more than two thirds of people are not engaged with how they spend their waking hours. Instead of contributing their creativity, employees seem numbed by work, stressed by seemingly unreasonable demands which costs to individual, to business and to society.

There is a need to change the attitudes of entrepreneurs, leaders and employees. Both should recognize that “business/work” can create opportunity for fulfillment, a concept that is distinct from happiness and success. Fulfillment is concern with meaning making, with commitment and with extending ourselves beyond our boundaries.

The responsibility of leadership is to create a meaningful climate which includes innovation, risk-taking and adopt to an uncertain future. The quest for fulfillment creates economic value, contribution to society and individual meaning.

For participants to reach an awareness and responsibility to establish “meaning @ Work” Viktor Frankl’s Logo-philosophy shall be introduced based on the below depicted questions, case histories and cases.
• What is the humanness of human? What does authenticity mean?
• What is the meaning of work?
• Is there a place for me and my true values in this work place?
• Can I find meaning in mundane work?
• What are the benefits of establishing a meaningful culture?

Competencies, skills and techniques required on achieving the below shall be introduced and experimented.
• How to motive and retain motivation even under adverse severe conditions?
• How to overcome adverse attitudes and feelings such as fear, anger, anxiety, pride, being judgmental, excessive control?
• How to establish a creative and innovative climate?


Memduh N. OZMERT

Memduh is founder and trainer at “Viktor Frankl Enstitüsü Türkiye” which is accredited as an affiliate of the International Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis Vienna. He is a faculty member in “Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy USA”. He has more than 30 years of experience in academia, government, private sector mainly in telecommunication and ICT industries. In 2015 he was awarded by Viktor Frankl’s Institute USA on promoting Viktor Frankl’s Logo-Philosophy in the world of Business and Industry.