Cycling Training and Workshop

SUBJECT :  How to plan a tour more than week (or more than 1000km) Or just cycling 45km in Sunday morning across the lake of Sapanca and superb breakfast of course … You’ve come to the right place as we will be able to advise you !

Cycling Training and Workshop held on the last weekend of June every year. You can jump the event, then organize your “Bike Tour in your Summer Vacation”

  • Looking to fix up that old bike laying around somewhere at home but no clue how to?
  • Just go  a new bike and wish to learn how to maintain it for future purposes?
  • How to plan a tour more than week (or more than 1000km)?

TARGET : We have planned to make you as a Cycling Hero 😊  Basically, we hope that the participation will be delighted with the presentation of the new developments on cycling and and also equipped with a comprehensive workshop to have opportunity to practice.

AUDIENCE : Anyone above 18 years old limited with totally 10 participators. We will present Participation Certificate to the Participators at the end of the seminar.


  • 28 June 2023 (10.00-16.00) – Outdoor (Garden of Sapanca Talia Hotel)

FEE :  One day participation & hotel fee is $ 249  + VAT


  • Bike Maintenance
    • How to use quick release skewers
    • Adjusting brakes
    • Removing front and rear wheels
    • Repairing a puncture / changing a tube & tire
    • Bike cleaning
    • Routine checks before riding
    • Safety tips
  • Traffic Skills
    • where to ride on the road
    • how to ride and why
    • how to develop a confident, non-confrontational attitude in traffic.
  • Tour planning
    • configure your bike,
    • what to wear
    • choose your route,
    • your hair and your clothes
    • Tour rules
  • Technology
    • Cycling technology
    • Touring technology
  • Workshop
    • Tour of 45km
    • Bike is ready (you can bring your own bike if you want)

WHAT TO BRING: Maybe a notepad & some writing material and don’t forget your helmet and sport shoes😊.



Kemal is Head of tBike at TDG,  responsible innovative cycling technology and organizations. He has experience on cycling, innovative bike repair and new bike designs and technologies. Kemal has organized seminars, workshops, tours and races.