Cyber Security Basics with Simulation

SUBJECT : Disruptive technological developments are affecting entities both on business model structuring and also providing information security activities up to the sustainability level of the entity. In this seminar, we are going to present the IT security framework and simulations of cyber attacks mainly on three titles under the last developments at security world.

  • Information Security Governance
  • IT Security Governance
  • Cyber Security Governance

TARGET : 33 % of the two days seminar duration presenting simulations of some cyber attacks kinds.  Basically, we hope that the participation will be delighted with the presentation of the new developments on cyber security and also equipped with a comprehensive security concept to have opportunity to practice at their entity-wide.

AUDIENCE : Managers, Manager Candidates, Specialists and also Auditors limited with totally 20 participators. You will get  Participation Certificate at the end of the seminar.


  • 14-15 May 2024 (10.00-16.00) – Online

FEE :  Two days participation fee is $ 250 + VAT


  • Frame of International & Local Legislation and Referenced Literature
  • Information Security Governance
    •  The Conception of Information Security
    • Information Assets and Security
    • ISO 27001 Information Security Management System
    • Access Management
    • The Basic Control Instruments of Information Security
    • Encryption
    • Log Management
    • Actualization of the Business Processes
    • SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)
    • Top Management, Internal Control Mechanisms Roles
    • HR Management Issues
    • Supplier Management Processes
  •  IT Security Governance
    •  IT Risk Analysis
    • IT Security Architecture, Governance and Controlling Frameworks & Process
    • Hardware & Software Security
    • Network & Web Security
    • Mobile Security & BYOD Management Framework
    • Virtualization & Cloud Technologies Security
    • AI, Robot Technologies & IoT Security
    • Business Continuity Management
    • Change Management
  • Cyber Security Governance
    •  Risk Analysis & Vulnerabilities
    • Threats & Attacks
    • Cyber Security Essentials
    • Cyber Security Attacks Reaction Processes Management
    • Cyber Security Governance Framework
  • (Simulations) Some Examples of Cyber Attacks




Bulent is Head of Consultancy at TDG Global including Digital Transformation, Organizational Processes Re-designing, Compliance, Digital Finance, IT Audit & Due-Diligence issues. He has experience in Turkey, Romania and UAE for a long time. Bulent has organized seminars and has articles about Three Lines of Defense Method, Operational Risk Management, Physiological Factors at Fraud Investigations, IS /IT & Cyber Security, Operational Risk Management, COSO Internal Control Framework.