Business Ethics Workshop

SUBJECT :  Ethics explores the basis of all human behavior and actions. The morality and its foundations is defined as a philosophical branch that examines the problems of human behavior. The sum of the ethical principles and standards that guide the behavior in business life is called “professional ethics”.

TARGET :  Ethics is a moral philosophy; Ethics is not morality. Our goal is to take the ethical concept in business life with examples and to meet in general affairs with the active participation of you.

AUDIENCE :  Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Managers, Manager Candidates …limited with totally 20 participators. We will present Participation Certificate to the Participators at the end of the seminar.


  • 3 November 2023 (10.00-16.00) – Live on Zoom

FEE :  One day participation fee is $49 + VAT

CONTENT : We will discuss on;

  • General business affirmations and principles,
  • No bribery or corruption,
  • Fair competition,
  • Conflict of interest,
  • Preservation of assets and fraud,
  • The protection of your privacy and the information inside,
  • And many more titles in this coverage …



Emin is Head of Manufacturing Retail and Transportation at TDG. He has worked on different industries at top management level and experienced with production, quality, business excellence and many other KPI’s. He is also coaching different companies to overcome their main problems. He was the President of Quality Association Bursa branch as well as the Board Member of Quality Association Turkey for many years. .