This form is designed to structure feedback on the performance and delivery of our commitments to you. For the following statements please provide assessment based on the rating scale defined below.

1. How likely is it that you would recommend services and solutions from TDG to a friend or colleague?

2. How likely are you to buy more services and solutions from TDG?

3. Do you feel that you are a valued customer of TDG?

4. The operational services delivered by TDG meet the expectations of my business

5. TDG represents good value for money.

6. TDG brings innovation to my business.

7. TDG demonstrates a proactive approach.

8. I view TDG as a true business partner, critical to the success of my business.

9. TDG people demonstrate the appropriate levels of knowledge and capability.

10. TDG demonstrate teamwork and collaboration.

11. TDG has clear and effective lines of responsibility.

12. TDG responds quickly and effectively to my changing business priorities.

13. How satisfied are you with the deliverables?

14. How satisfied are you with the adherence to agreed deadlines?

15. How satisfied are you with the quality?

16. Overall, how satisfied are you with TDG?