TDG COVID-19 Response FAQ

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What is TDG doing to make it easier to do business with?

  • TDG has started to conduct a customer friendly program in new platform to provide support in our customers’ works and to ensure you the constant access to our services and products.
  • TDG made web based Ecosh services free through May 31, 2020. We hope the ability to sell our client’s products and share experience will help client’s customers.
  • Given the urgent and new need for businesses to communicate digitally with or client’s customers, we are supporting our clients with GDC’s software development and architecture services free of charge through May 31, 2020.
  • We are transforming “Coder in Action” into a digital experience featuring an ongoing cadence of fresh content. ‘Coder in Action’s first competition will be about Pandemics. 

How is TDG ensuring continuity of service?

  • We know the critical role of our technology plays in your business success. We assure you, TDG Services are completely operational. Our cloud solutions are monitored and processed through distributed locations with proper back-up systems. This framework ensures us to able to deliver our solutions and to continue to cater to your need.

What are TDG’s efforts to keep clients and business partners safe, and how we will continue to work during this Covid-19 Pandemic?

  • TDG is protecting our clients, partners and communities with robust business continuity and pandemic response operations aligned with recommendations of the World Health Organization,  and governmental regulations. TDGers have clear and specific guidance to handle  a variety of scenarios, and we are regularly reminding teams of the simple, effective health tips such as not shaking hands, social distancing and hand washing. All TDGers in affected areas have been directed to work from home unless they provide an essential function.
  • Domestic travel for internal meetings and large events has been suspended, and international travel has been sharply curtailed. Rest assured, however, that TDGers are traveling to your locations to support your essential activities and to provide on-site repair services if they cannot be done virtually. If the work can be done virtually, we will coordinate with your teams to make that happen.
  • Decisions about co-creation activities are being made on a case-by-case basis in cooperation with clients and within local context. Video conferencing and other collaboration tools are being used to bridge gaps.
  • Data center services continue without interruption. TDG has Business Continuity Plans, which are tested on a regular basis. We will continue to assess the COVID-19 situation and will invoke Business Continuity Plans on a site-by-site basis as local conditions require.
  • We have transformed our events – Coder in Action, BRM etc. – into digital event experiences. We very much hope you will attend.


How is TDG protecting clients from cybersecurity criminals who are working to capitilize on Covid-19 crisis?

  • First, TDG is helping our clients stay on top of the latest threat intelligence as attackers take advantage of this type of uncertainty. We are offering no-charge access to COVID-19 / Coronavirus threat intelligence collections.
  • Second, TDG is helping to secure a rapidly growing remote workforce. As our clients alter their operations and security programs to protect their employees, students and society at large, TDG has a number of solutions that can help them make this transition. We are offering extended, no-charge access to technologies to new clients until May 31st. 
  • Third, TDG is helping our clients assess and take action to address new vulnerabilities in their organizations leveraging the capabilities and expertise of our offensive security team. Learn how to safeguard organizations and employees in work-from-home environments with best practices and tips from the TDGers. 
  • Fourth, with the added demands of a remote workforce, TDG can help clients with impacted resources virtually extend their security operations. We offer virtual expertise and resources with global 24×7 threat monitoring and response with TDG Managed Security Services and remote expertise to quickly optimize client security controls, review policies and deploy more capacity to support a client’s remote workforce.


What if I need a TDGers on site on my location?

  • We are closely monitoring recommendations from The World Health Organization and government regulations. And we are focused on TDGers staying safe, healthy and ready to help our clients. That means ensuring continuity of service and delivery for client mission-critical operations, while looking for opportunities to adapt and advance their business in this new reality. In short, we are fully open for business and committed to help our clients stay the same.
  • To ensure that we’re at our best to help our clients,we’ve temporarily adjusted a few of our business practices. For example, with so many people working from home, we are expanding the use of our powerful digital collaboration platforms to continue to partner with clients virtually without slowing our ability to respond to their needs. Remote work has been a part of the TDG culture for decades.
  • Rest assured, however, that TDGers are traveling to your locations to support your essential activities and to provide on-site services if they cannot be done virtually. If the work can be done virtually, we will coordinate with your teams to make that happen. Where meetings can occur in-person our team is ready to participate in any screening procedures you might have in place.

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