Steps to be taken in Digitalization (in the COVID-19 Age) – 2

In the new age that comes with Covid 19, now we have one constant instrument: Sustainability Based Change. That this instrument can be put to use effectively and efficiently in business life depends on the company that is with digital and corporate intelligence. In our previous article, we’ve picked up on this matter. Now let’s go into particulars.

We’ve mentioned the principle of ‘perceive and react’ fast and flexible based, components of digital and corporate intelligence. If we check on their effects:

  • Customer oriented Real time decision support,
  • Scenario based planning with dynamic simulation analysis.
  • Producing the data and providing its use in the habitat that is in corporate ecosystem and is used by business partners. In this way, the full product can be designed by setting off value chain.
  • A financial management concept is made up, which will ensure Sustainable Competitive Advantage.
  • Elements of Corporate Culture: Structure / Strategies of Digital Company is based on Satisfaction of Employee + Stakeholder and Customer centred Business Models.
  • The Structure / Strategies of Digital Company: should be operational, integrated and synchronized with Performance Development and Information Governance (humans, processes, technology).
  • Effective coordination and efficient resources planning between CMO, CFO and CIO, realistic project presentation and thanks to these, marketing advantages and profit maximization.
  • Decisions about Productivity of Management and corporate performance, advantages of real-time decision-making processes with higher insight and right timing.
  • In order to build, present and quantify the value of customer; the opportunity of digital and intellectual capital and competent human. In this way, to earn Economic Profit in higher level with Humanistic Capital + Intellectual Capital + Organizational Capital + Intellectual Property + Capital of Customer.
  • The ability of perceiving already the mobilizations of corporate ecosystem and KPI in decision processes and perceiving insights of customer and predictive analysis in decision processes.

The sustainable ecosystem collects the big data as a final product and assesses it through digital background and prismatic relations. Customer Centred Strategies, Customer Focused Business Processes, The Circle (Feedback + Insight + Revision) of Customer Oriented New Treatment are provided healthy with Corporate Ecosystem Structure.

The corporate intelligence makes out the ability of correct interrogation and the capacity of correct answering on the basis of the instruments of digital background.

Consequently, by providing to predict opportunities and risks, digital corporate intelligence contains smart and learning corporate culture structure, which ensures collusive innovations and interactive management of customer-based information system and sustainable competitive advantage.

Bulent Hasanefendioglu