Popolo Grasso

Popolo Grasso

High corporate agility level assures to notice the potential risks before appearing. Because it contains innovation strength which is consisting on collaboration.

As we know each technological changing creating new and different human atmosphere.
The starting and most vital point of the adaptation of the new technology is exactly first at the top management then the other staff of the organization.

The existing popolo grasso situation in the organizational structure of the company lead management level decisions and late in front of the potential business opportunities and risks. It will affect very negatively the business process execution and at the end will create unsatisfied and unhappy customers & ecosystem stakeholders.

So, the problem is how we can transform our organization from popolo grasso level to high agility level.

Agility has two main essentials: flexible and fast decision processes. Assuring high level of agile practices there should be a new strategic planning to contain fast detect & fast and flexible reaction systematic. It should have peer to peer affection concept entity wide. This kind of corporate intelligence processes are best at real time correct reactions to the customers needs.

Even if the organizational structure of an entity is popolo grasso type (crowded
management teams, vertical organizations, lack of effective tone at the top, weak awareness level on changes around governance habitat), there is a chance to catch the agility level.

Here are some effective instruments for having flexible and fast decision processes:

• Comprehensive technologies
• Human resources (competent & talent)
• Reliable and export suppliers
• Efficient and reliable ecosystem
• Brain storming
• Innovation
• Big Data Analysis (for high insight, high corporate intelligence and for effective predictive analysis).

Best Regards

Bulent Hasanefendioglu
Head of Consultancy