Covid-19 Response - A letter from TDG CEO Batur Erdogan

To our TDG Community,

COVID-19 changes our life and work. We all concentrate on, how to best protect and support our family, our employees, our customers and our society under this continuing crisis.

On behalf of all TDG’s employees, I would like to highlight that our hearts and thoughts are with those people who are affected.

We all work from remote and unable to travel. Innovation, productivity, digitalization and e-commerce play a big role in our society and economy. So those cannot be limited in any case.

As TDG, we focused on our customers to make them work efficiently and easily in this difficult period. Here are what we do to attain this goal.;

Ensuring continuity of service. We know the critical role of our technology plays in your business success. We assure you, TDG Services are completely operational. Our cloud solutions are monitored and processed through distributed locations with proper back-up systems. This framework ensures us to able to deliver our solutions and to continue to cater to your need.

Making it easier than ever to do business with us. We have started to conduct a customer friendly program in new platform to provide support in our customers’ works and to ensure you the constant access to our services and products.

  • We are making our web based Ecosh services free through May 31, 2020. We hope the ability to sell your products and share your experience will help your customers.
  • Given the urgent and new need for businesses to communicate digitally with their customers, we are supporting you with GDC’s software development and architecture services free of charge through May 31, 2020.
  • We are transforming “Coder in Action” into a digital experience featuring an ongoing cadence of fresh content. ‘Coder in Action’s first competition will be about Pandemics. We will inform you about the details later.

TDG is here to support you during these unprecedented times. Our employees are available for any questions or concerns you have.

Above all, stay safe and healthy.

My Best Wishes

Batur Erdogan